Hi, my name is Helen and as long as I can remember, always busy creating something. My gran was and my mother is also very creative, so I inherited my creativity from them. In 2019 I decided to enter a competition and I won the Aloysius Artist Bear Award.

I have been making bears since 2013. At first I started with a few bear-making kits and existing patterns. Since March 2015 I design my own patterns and only use these when making my bears. Designing my own, has given me a lot of inspiration and creativity.

Memories from my childhood....staying at my grandparents, playing with bears and dolls from the past. This has been my inspiration for the bears I make, with a nod to earlier times. I try to give all my bears the 'Traditional Vintage Style'. Every time I create a new bear, the outcome of each bear suprises me. That's why I experience a lot of fun making and giving each bear it's own different style and character. My bears are One Of A Kind, so no two bears are the same. All my bears are handmade, five-way jointed and filled with woodwool, sawdust and sometimes kapok.

The bears I design have a little VDB label on the back. I use high quality mohair, viscose and vintage plush for my bears.

My bears are mainly collectors bears and not suitable for children under the age of 14, because of small parts.

Thank you for visiting my tedsby shop. If you want to adopt one of my bears or you have a question, please contact me at vdbears@outlook.com

Warm regards,